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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 3, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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enough. >> there is a slump we've seen of below 100,000 jobs created which is below that, just to spread water so 163,000 is a good number. not a great number. >> and more growth is needed. the rate has been above 8% for more tlan three years. >> and abc 7 news is helping put the unemployed back to work. our next higher event is coming up tuesday and will be held at vine street development center. >> and clint eastwood endorsed mitt romney for president making that announcement just moments ago for the prump tiff republican nominee. >> in sacramento results from an audit of more than 500
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special funds were laid out today ordered by the governor after the state parks department budget scandal. and what officials uncovered. >> there are not other... >> there is a sweeping audit of the 560 special funds found that the secret $54 million hidden in the budget was an anomaly. >> there are no other hidden pots of money. >> they found $400 million and the timing of when bills are counted and just human error. there is a extra $29 million now that. is money from criminal who's must pay to their victims. the state disperses funds for things like counseling and
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burial services. >> this is where was this money? >> and the board had to make moves to stay solvent. >> the fund was in dire streets and there is some serious actions to roll back caps. >> the group hopes kit go forwards helping more victims. as far as parks governor brown made it clear that he wants extra parks money to stay. and we're going to use dollars for keeping parks open. >> the finance department says the difference is someone hid the parks money.
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the audit of the budget is still pending. in sacramento abc 7 news. >> there are two more bay area tech companies fighting a battle. there is a redwood city based electronic arts filed a lawsuit against zynga. and zynga issued a statement saying the game is part of the long running series. >> three people taken to the hospital after an accident in downtown san francisco this afternoon. there is a where muni officials sate career ended the car, then that car slammed into the back of a bus. >> there is two injuries on
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the car transported and there is one on board is the street car transported with what i heard was a shoulder injury. >> there is traffic that had to be reroute brd being cleared. and there is another mishap after this cherry picker slammed on its side. nobody was hurt and it pulled a window washing scaffold to the ground and toppled a lampe post. pg&e shut down power in the area. >> there is a person of interest in a diamond heights murder investigation. the sketch of a suspect say egg was the last person seen and the 28-year-old victim found murdered on diamond heights boulevard nearly two
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months ago. and last seen getting into a taxi at 1:30 a.m. if there is any information you can leave a tip with police at the number on the screen. and you can text a tip. >> san jose won a battle against a motel that has become a hot bed for prostitution. city leaders won a preliminary injunction ordering the hotel to crack down on pimping and prostitution there and this would require management to keep information on guests and install cameras to record activity outside of the hotel. an employee says they're hiring security and working with the city to solve the prostitution issue. >> there is a 19-year-old man
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from novato expected to get a prison sentence for crimes committed against a 14-year-old run away. prosecuters say he forced the run away into prostitution and promised to hurt her family as well as injuring her if she told police. >> a judge sided with prosecutors and ordered a former psychiatrist to wait in jail. he spent several months at napa state hospital and doctors accuse them of using knowledge to fake symptoms of dementia. and he rurnz for a bail hearing. >> patrol officers captured a man suspected of driving a stole stolen car after a case that zig zagged through counties.
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it started when police tried to stop the man. the chase sped along i 80 and after chp deflated tire was a spaik strip. it ended on highway 4 in concord. >> a parole faces several charges after police claim he hurt two officers when they arrested her. police say the officers tried to stop lisa hernandez around 5:30 and she tried to escape. police say he hit one officer as he ran several cars. he has been released from the hospital. >> just problems to report as bart began allowing bicycles on the train. it is only during month of august it's a test run so decide at what times it will allow bikes on trains and is moving seats near doors to
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make more room. >> i have noticed this seems to be easier for people. and so, yeah, it does make a difference. >> and workers were handing out flyers and commuters are encouraged to voice their opinion autos coming up a money drop to scramble a when it plunged off a road. >> and break from the heat this weekend. how much cooler temperatures goring to run coming up. >> and how you can participate in the most ambitious mission to mars yet. you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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lucas valley road reopened just a short time ago. >> and one of the guards suffered minor injuries this morning. brinks loaded money from the truck into another armored vehicle and chp believes it might have hit another vehicle before it went off the road in marin county again. that was at lucas valley road in marin county. there is a update on a 12 yeerld-year-old boy that had a tree fall on him. he and the family were camping in memorial park when a 60 foot tall, 20 inch wide oak tree fell on the tent crushing his pelvis. >> his heart is doing well and liver and kidneys doing well. he's holding his ground and they're proud of his results
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and at this point his condition. >> and there is a fracture and problems with his left hip f you'd like to help go to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> and it was december when nasa launched a space craft carrying curiosity rover. all of these months and millions of miles later there is an appointment next sunday fight. and r.and wayne freedman will be at nasa ames sunday night. >> this is going to be a good show. for nasa and j.p.l. this is knowing they've done all they can z landing on mars is not easy. in previous tries we've suck said seeded only owe% of the time. and this will have a world wide audience. if there is curiosity then it
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probably began with this. the now famous seven minutes of terror video depicting a landing. >> there is something difficult we know. and this is anxious moment. whether or not i had a video to look at. >> the lead scientist had only minutes to speak with us today. his space craft and mars moved closer together. the target is a crater where water once flowed. and there is an opportunity to read the planet's history. >> succession is layered giving us a recorded history of probably what represent hundreds of millions of years of time, maybe a billion years of time when the planet may have been more like earth had been. >> it will not be looking for
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light but signs of it. clues indicating conditions once existed on mars and there is not only scientific but philosophical. >> if there is light next door that awakens us to the possibility there is life throughout the universe. >> today final rehearsals by the team that will drive curiosity assuming there is a landing and not a collision this, is a one-convehicle and this is now guided by complex computer sequences and a world on pins and needles. if you're wondering figure two hours, those will be simple pictures from the rover. later they will release a
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video of the decent. seven minutes of terror turning into he'llation, we hope. >> this is an mazing endeavor there is a unique thermal protection system. it's designed to let the rover reach the surface of the red planet. >> we developed instrumentation for that and there will be an amazing amount of data. >> now, they're holding an open house sunday, gates opening at 4:00 p.m. public can enjoy a number of presentations from sock to midnight there is a live broadcast from j.p.l. laboratory. >> the health department confirmed rain ease has been found in four dead bats in fremont. and in a neighborhood bounded
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by stevenson boulevard. health authorities have been handing out pamphlets and a dog belonging to a woman who found one of them is being quarantined for 30 days. two bats were found this year in berkeley. >> there is a now taking a moment to help people raise thousands of dollars, thank you cynthia s and don h from san rafael. you can make a difference and $1 will be donated to abc 7 sleep train campaign. >> and sandhya patel is joining us now with the forecast. >> there is a difference today, cooler. we're going to continue to
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head into the weekend. sea breeze is back and there is a he live picture, you can see clouds up above. marine layer down below. there is going to affect weather this coming weekend. and there is a beautiful view from lake tahoe. there is a possibility of thunderstorms. we'll talk about that in just a moment. and now showing you what that marine layer looks like. there is from fog around it has been a gray day. what's happening east of us there is some thunderstorms here just around north into sierra. and keep in mind there is
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phone shall for lightning strikes. there is ventura county seeing thunderstorms here developing. and they'll continue to have that threat going into latter part of the evening. temperatures here in the bay area still warm inland. antioch, 92 degrees, upper 50s and highs so far and we're going to see range of high temperatures becoming narrower as we hit the weekend. 60s in san francisco. there are cooler days expected this weekend. and there is moisture leading to the thunderstorms development in southern california and sierra. it's subtropical. there is an area of low pressure providing a lift to this moisture, and high clouds
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here in the bay area, thunderstorms developing in the southern sierra and spreading northward. and red flag warning 2:00 saturday afternoon. and continuing until 5:00 p.m. sunday. and this will mean critical fire weather conditions for that area. wide spread low clouds and fog, temperatures into the 50s tomorrow afternoon, temperatures coming down. 77 in san jose. and there is upper 50s coastside with fog lingering into afternoon. downtown san francisco, 63 degrees, north bay, mid-70s, napa, santa rosa. east bay communities 68 in oakland there is 7 degrees in
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santa cruz, accu-weather forecast there are temperatures rebounding. heat will be back. >> thank you. >> and up next a finney's friday free stuff. >> life after dark in a bay area forest. at 6:00 learning habits of hokeal critters, big and small thanks t ñ@ñíñ
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coming up, high times thanks to high tech. tonight silicon valley's job search there is no wetter place in the country. >> and they're cropping up everywhere. farmer's markets here in the bay area and nationwide. >> and there is a product test on mini refrigerators. most of them aren't really cool. >> and plenty of craft fares in the bay area, but there is american craft council show. there is the show that runs
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through sunday. >> and thanks for joining us. >> world news is next. welcome to "world news." fight to the finish. the war the whole world is now watching, the battle to overthrow a president. tonight our correspondent inside syria with the rebels as they prepare to march into a key city. they say, to take control of it. breaking point in this country. growing weather disaster in the heartland. tonight world news on farm with the faces of this drought, the worst pain in more than a half century. to catch a thief, the plain-jp no gun, how did she hold up eit ghnks? tonight her run is done. the fbi, and how it finally caught plain jane. and wonder women. they're now household names. gabby, missy, the records the american women set before they even got to the games. tonight right here you're about to meet the next woman swinging her way into the record books.
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captions paid for by abc, inc. good evening. we do begin this friday night with our team inside a revolution, the fight to overthrow syria's president. there are quick-moving developments tonight. the u.n. general assembly denouncing president assad's deadly crackdown on the rebels and demanding the lockdown now of serious chemical and biological weapons. tonight, aleppo is bracing for what both sides are now calling the decisive battle of the war. abc's alex marquardt made the dangerous journey into syria with the rebels who say they're going to take control of that city. tonight, alex and hthe team on the move inside syria. alex? >> reporter: david, we're about to cross the border into turkey from northern syria, where we've just spent the past week meeting and staying with families and fighters in the middle of this conflict. one night we spent with a young free syrian army unit as they headed into what could b


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